Epileptic Encephalopathy, Infantile or Early Childhood 2

Clinical Characteristics
Ocular Features: 

Cortical visual impairment or blindness was reported in 3 0f 11 patients.

Systemic Features: 

The hallmark signs of this disorder consist of developmental delay and epilepsy.  Onset of seizures occur in the first decade of life, between birth and 6 years, and consist of a variety of types including focal, multifocal, generalized tonic-clonic, febrile, myoclonic, and atonic.  EEG patterns range from normal, to slow waves, spike waves, and burst suppression patterns.  Seizures may respond to treatment in some individuals whereas others are unresponsive.

Microcephaly, both acquired and congenital, was seen in 7 individuals.  MRI scans are usually normal but some patients have nonspecific white matter abnormalities.  Developmental milestones are seldom achieved but some patients are able to walk and speak with difficulty.   Hypotonia, spasticity, and dyskinesias such as myoclonia, dystonia and ataxia are variably present.


Heterozygous missense mutations in the GABRB2 gene (5q34) are responsible for this syndrome.

Autosomal dominant
Treatment Options: 

No treatment for the general condition has been reported.  Seizures may not respond to the usual pharmacologic treatments.

Article Title: 

High Rate of Recurrent De Novo Mutations in Developmental and Epileptic Encephalopathies

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