Cataracts, Coppock-Like

Background and History: 

Opacities of the lens in the eye (cataracts) can result from a variety of causes such as infections, trauma, and various systemic diseases.  Some like this one are inherited as the result of a mutation in a gene.  

Clinical Correlations: 

These cataracts arise during development and are present at birth.  They are often progressive and some patients require lens removal (cataract surgery) in order to see well.  There are no other diseases associated.  Their only impact is on vision. 


These cataracts are inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern.  Affected parents, both male and female, can expect on average that half of their children will inherit the same kind of lens opacities. 

Diagnosis and Prognosis: 

Cataracts are usually diagnosed by eye doctors based on an examination.  If they are dense enough to be visually significant and cause seeing problems, ophthalmologists can surgically remove them.

Additional Information
Autosomal dominant